Natural Environmental Disasters and Social Resilience in Anthropological Perspective

Research project funded by the European Research Council

The ambition of the research project is to study local, social responses to environmental disasters related to water, as spurred by the melting of ice in the Arctic and in mountainous glacier areas, the rising of seas that flood islands and coastal communities across the globe, and the drying of lands accelerating desertification in large parts of Africa and elsewhere. The aim is to contribute to a renewed theory of social resilience that builds on the actualities of social life in distinct localities, thus focussing on human agency as the basis for people's quest for certainty in exposed environments.

The project was officially opened on 9 February 2009.


The Waterworlds project is highlighted as a vibrant example of ERC projects in this publication from 2013. Only 15 projects are highlighted. Find Waterworlds on page 33.