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Other activities

Waterworlds in Himalaya

In August 2011 Waterworlds' Mattias Borg participated in the Imja lake Expedition in Himalaya.

Read about the expediton and view the blog.

Waterworlds at the National Museum of Denmark

What would the Waterworlds project look like if it were to be exhibited in a museum? Which objects could tell ethnographic stories of people around the globe living with water and change that are at the heart of Waterworlds' concern?

In a joint venture with the National Museum of Denmark, the researchers in the project have set out to explore this question. By collecting items that materialize issues of water and change from the different field sites in which the Waterworlds researchers work, the aim is to use artefacts to give a local and material grip on a global concern that sometimes appears as distant and abstract. In this way, the National Museum and the Waterworlds team hope to bring home the point that environmental changes related to water around the globe are tangible and real for the affected people, and that they perforate the categories of the local, the regional and the global.

The Waterworlds collection will hopefully be exhibited at the National Museum in Copenhagen in 2011-2012.

For more information please contact Nathalia Brichet (nathalia.brichet@natmus.dk) or Frida Hastrup (frida.hastrup@anthro.ku.dk)