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 Front page of the book 'Living with Environmental Change'

 Book: "Living with Environmental Change"

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 Anthropology and Nature

 Book: "Anthropology and Nature"

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Waterworlds contributions in special issue of "Danish Journal of Geography"

The journal can be assesd online here


 The Social Life of Climate Change Models

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 Book frontpage

Climate Change and Human Mobility - Global Challenges to the Social Sciences.

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 Front page - Weathering the World by Frida Hastrup

Recovery in the Wake of the Tsunami in a Tamil Fishing Village.

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 Tidsskriftet Antropologi, nr. 64 Tidsskriftet antropologi nr. 64 om Klima

Climate research with mankind at the centre
Interview with Kirsten Hastrup and
Frank Sejersen
pp. 12-13 (read the article in English or Danish)


The Question of resilience. Social responces to climate change

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