Frida Hastrup

Frida Hastrup has an MA degree in the sociology of religion (2003) and a PhD degree in anthropology (2009).

She has conducted fieldwork in Tamil Nadu, India, focussing primarily on people’s environmental concerns along the southern Bay of Bengal, ranging from the Asian tsunami, cyclones, and soil erosion to climate change.

She has co-edited the volume An Anthropology of Absence. Materializations of Transcendence and Loss (Springer 2010), and has published the monograph Weathering the World. Recovery in the Wake of the Tsunami in a Tamil Fishing Village (Berghahn Books 2011).

Her current research explores the collaborative and contingent ways in which the coastal zone in a district in Tamil Nadu is put together by different actors – fishermen, marine biologists, development workers, government officers, cultural heritage advocates and anthropologists to name but some – all of whom are engaged in the shared project of making a liveable world by the water’s edge.

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