Kirsten Hastrup

Leader of the Waterworlds project

Professor of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. D.Phil. (Oxford), and dr.scient.soc. (Copenhagen).

Kirsten Hastrup has done substantial research on Icelandic history and society; on human rights and legal language; on theatre and social action; and on the beginnings of Danish anthropology in early polar expedition. In addition to these more specialised fields, she has published critical explorations of the philosophical and epistemological foundations of anthropology, text-books in anthropology, and general introductions to the history of the human sciences and their contributions to society.
The Icelandic work spans the entire history of the island society and traces the intricate links between environmental changes - notably the warm middle ages and the later 'little ice age' - and historical and social developments.
Waterworld project:

In recent years, Kirsten Hastrup's research interest has centred on the environmental and social changes in the Arctic, notably in Greenland, where she has started a series of fieldworks in a small hunting community with the aim of studying local perceptions of threats and opportunities over a five-year period.

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