Jonas Østergaard Nielsen – University of Copenhagen

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Jonas Østergaard Nielsen

MA in anthropology and a PhD in geography at the University of Copenhagen.

I joined the Waterworlds team in 2010 after the completion of my PhD. I have a three year Post Doc position running out early July 2013.

Current research

The West African Sahel has the last 50 years gone through a very dramatic change in precipitation. I focus on how this change is understood and adapted to in a small village in Northern Burkina Faso. Particularly interesting to me are questions of causal relations. How can climate change be untangled as a driver of change when decisions taken in the village are entangled in and perforated by local, national and global connections and disconnections. What causes people to act the way they do and how can these actions be related to isolated phenomenon like precipitation in an increasingly interconnected world? I am also involved in advancing the concept of adaptation and how we can use this concept while also acknowledging human agency and imagination.