Anette Reenberg – University of Copenhagen

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Anette Reenberg

Anette Reenberg has a scientific background in human-Anette Reenbergenvironmental aspects of the geographical sciences (with a doctoral dissertation addressing human-environment interaction and sustainability in Sahelian land use systems). More specifically her research addresses issues related to natural resource management strategies in rural landscapes, including adaptation to climate change. The focus is on land use and land cover systems viewed in a landscape ecological perspective as well as in an interdisciplinary perspective, i.e. relating land use dynamics to their larger scale contexts of biophysical, cultural, socio-economic, institutional or demographic nature.

She has throughout her carrier worked within the field of interdisciplinary environmental or natural resource management research, e.g. in connection with UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme (late 1980s), in WHO’s Ecological Expert Group (ONCHO-programme) for West Africa. She was center director for one of the SMP-centers from 1994-2000 (Danish Strategic Environmental Program), involving researchers from anthropology, biology, geography and sociology to conduct interdisciplinary research on sustainable natural resource management in the Sahel.